Beyond the Sauce – Using ChatGPT for Business Problem-Solving

AI Created image of a plate of fettucini pasta.

🤔 I decided to make marinara sauce for Sunday dinner, and thought I would have fun and experiment a little with ChatGPT. 

I’m pretty good at making a fine marinara but my experiment centered around not only having a conversation about making a good tasting sauce, but having the AI challenge me and ask me various questions of how I preferred the sauce to turn out.

At first it produced a list of 5 questions, but I had it ask me these questions individually, like a conversation.

Once it asked me the 5 questions, I had my recipe.

Btw, this turned out to be very good. 😋

My long-winded point being, not only have a conversation with ChatGPT, have it challenge you, and ask you questions to help you get the best responses and answers to your questions. No matter the subject, no matter the task.

Transition to a business problem. If you have a task or wonder if a particular process or workflow can be done better, instruct the AI to challenge you by asking you questions about the outcome you’re looking for. 

Have it go deep to get the best responses from you. Have it ask why you answered the questions the way you did. Repeat the process in a new chat to see how different/better/worse the responses are.

You will get better at using these platforms the more you do this, and understand what they can and can’t do. Use different platforms to see which works best for you and which platform comes up with the best answer(s). 

Now it’s time for me to enjoy some leftover pasta and marinara. 🍝 

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