I help you show up online the same way you are in person.

I help you leverage technology to create more patients and more revenue for your practice.

I started as an on-air talent in radio. That job was all about creating emotional connection with my listeners.

Then I worked in Information Technology for a medical school. During this time, it's there where I became fluent in the power of technology and the internet.

At first, these two careers seemed unrelated. Then one day an acquaintance asked, “Do you think you could help this plastic surgeon I know? His online marketing is a disaster.”

The surgeon was using an online marketing agency that was all about throwing up posts, and counting clicks. It was a very transactional strategy.

Patients didn’t warm to it.

A “click bait” approach doesn’t create emotional connection, and that’s fatal to a plastic surgery practice. Emotional connection may not matter in an emergency room. But with elective plastic surgery, it’s all that matters, because patients can go elsewhere.

So I went to work. I integrated my knowledge of how to create emotional connection with my technological expertise. The result was an online marketing approach for plastic surgeons that no one else is using.

This approach did the trick. The surgeon’s online presence went from a revenue incinerator to a revenue generator. Patients wanted to hire him before they even met him.

He had to bring in a second patient coordinator to handle the volume.

This approach I created isn’t just effective. It’s also highly replicable, and no one else is using it.

If you want to discuss my approach and a more effective way of attracting patients, let’s talk.