AI for Business: Time for Professionals Over 50 to Learn and Adapt

Disclaimer: AI did not write this article, but after chatting with it for several minutes and giving it more context, it gave me a nice outline that I essentially wrote from. So…..I’ll say 100% was written by me, the human. But AI did its job and helped me out big time.

You’re hearing about it more and more every day, yet only 6 months ago, you barely heard a thing.

Now it’s everywhere.

Can you guess what I’m talking about? That’s right, artificial intelligence, or AI. 

All of a sudden, people you work with are starting to talk about ChatGPT and they’re marveling at its ability to generate really good text out of a few simple text prompts. It’s happening where I work.

They’re using it to write better sales and marketing copy, summarize business communications and meeting notes, and who knows what all?

Some are having conversations with it and producing powerful new product descriptions, new and more compelling copy for the company website and personalizing the customer experience.

Keep in mind, today’s AI is the least capable AI that you will ever know. In other words, it’s as ‘dumb’ as it will ever be.

Now imagine 2 to 5 years from today. Especially if you’re over 50 and still working. Where will you be with AI? 

Maybe your business processes will be streamlined, your customer service will be unparalleled, and you now have more free time to focus on what truly matters to you during your normal day.

Or what if AI remains on the periphery of your plans and it’s just ‘over there’. You’ll get to it, right?

I’ve never been one to say,  “never’’. But in this case, if in 1-2 years from today (4/20/2024) and you’re not involved with AI in some way, it could get bad. And get bad fast. Hell, probably within 1 year.

In a world where this technology is advancing so rapidly as it continues to get smarter and better, your competitive edge or advantage will be gone. 

But I’m happy to be the bearer of good news. Because these are still early days with AI, you have some time, and even time to move ahead of your competitors by leaps and bounds. You can.

Step into your future today, or watch it pass you by. Your future success depends on it. I say that with full confidence and conviction.

Getting Started with AI in Business

The first areas of opportunity I recommend where AI can help is your existing tech stack. In other words, the software applications you use daily.

What productivity tools are you currently using that has AI already baked-in?

My guess?

You’re already using one, or two, of the following:

Microsoft 365

Copilot is the name of Microsoft’s 365 AI companion. Actually, Copilot is the AI piece of practically all of their products.

Copilot is available now for Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Outlook and Teams if you are a Microsoft 365 Business Standard customer or Microsoft 365 Business Premium customer. A license is required to purchase Copilot for Microsoft 365 for $30 dollars per license/seat.

Google Workspace

Gemini (formerly Duet) is now the moniker of the AI companion for Google’s suite of business applications such as Docs, Sheets, Slides, Gmail. Gemini is available now for all if you’re a current Workspace subscriber.

Both tools can perform similar tasks and with the help of AI in data analysis, they can be your own sales assistant, writing coach, creative partner, and so much more.

Pricing for Google Gemini for Workspace varies from $20 to $30 monthly depending on your subscription.

Zoom & Google Meet

Zoom and Google’s Meet conferencing applications both have similar features and capabilities with AI now integrated into each platform.

At a high level, both can summarize meeting notes very well. 

If you’re invited to a meeting, but don’t really need to attend, you still have another option. Both Zoom and Meet can ‘attend’ meetings for you, take notes and provide you with a personalized summary.

This allows you to get more done in less time, but still staying on top of things.

The folks over at Zapier have a very good blog post on the similarities of Zoom and Google Meet that is worth the 3 minute read. You can find it here.

Finally, now that we’ve identified applications you use daily and their respective AI capabilities, the next steps would be, learn to use these tools and then go all in. You have to.

There are plenty of detailed videos on Youtube and other places to find how AI works with each respective application. You just have to take the time.

In future articles/posts, we’ll demo platforms like ChatGPT and others, and the various ways they can help you both professionally and personally.


Finally, ChatGPT. I could end this paragraph by saying, “it’s the best $20 a month you’ll ever spend.”

But I won’t.

Instead, I’ll tell you, it’s the best digital tool, outside of the tools you use daily. Period. It’s user-friendly, it does so much for one tool, and it is the leader, the ace face, and quite possibly, the Godfather of AI tools.

I would imagine a lot of folks reading this have tried the free version. Make no mistake, the free version offers very little compared to the paid version.

It’s an easy learn, and for right now, we’re all learning together. Let’s do this.

On a personal note, and for a little bit of fun….

If you’re a lover of Italian cuisine like me, you enjoy a nice marinara.

Here is my marinara sauce recipe that ChatGPT and I came up with.

It’s pretty damn good by the way.

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