Mark Tennant

AI for Business: Time for Professionals Over 50 to Learn and Adapt

By Mark Tennant / April 28, 2024

Disclaimer: AI did not write this article, but after chatting with it for several minutes and giving it more context, it gave me a nice outline that I essentially wrote from. So…..I’ll say 100% was written by me, the human. But AI did its job and helped me out big time. You’re hearing about it…

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Beyond the Sauce – Using ChatGPT for Business Problem-Solving

By Mark Tennant / December 11, 2023

🤔 I decided to make marinara sauce for Sunday dinner, and thought I would have fun and experiment a little with ChatGPT.  I’m pretty good at making a fine marinara but my experiment centered around not only having a conversation about making a good tasting sauce, but having the AI challenge me and ask me…

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