Claim your Domain Name while you’re Still a Plastic Surgery Resident

Start Building Your Brand While in Residency In my previous blog ‘Finding Time for Digital Marketing’, I talked about how tricky it can be for a medical resident to find time to do anything other than work. (Note: I’ve looked at a number of hospital daily schedules, and I have no idea how you residents do it. You rock!) Between patients, daily team meetings, reviews, ER,…

Finding Time for Digital Marketing

Listen to or read this week’s post! 🙂 Thanks for stopping by.. Make no mistake, Digital and Content Marketing are in your future I wrote in my last blog, as a plastic surgery resident, digital and content marketing are in your future, make no mistake. Whether you do something with that or not, is up to you. However if you choose not to go down…

Why Digital, Content and Social Media Marketing are in your Future

Listen to this week’s post..or read away! 🙂 Thanks for stopping by.. Have you taken the time to figure out how you are going to manage your online presence and grow your practice once you are no longer a resident? Maybe you’ve thought about it a little? Most likely, you’ve attended a medical conference or two and have heard marketers speak on getting started with…

Social Media and SEO Strategy

Social Media and SEO Strategy Good article from the folks over at @Social Media Today…..I talk about this quite often during my workshops and when advising clients. As I said this morning on my Google+ page ( if search engines change their algorithms these same principles of the article will still apply.

Your Online House Needs a Spring Cleaning

Hey Everyone! It’s that time again, if you’re a business owner, to evaluate your web site, make the move to mobile, become more active with social media but most of all, set goals and measure results. Your online house needs a spring cleaning. (Source: