Embracing the ‘New Digital Marketing Normal’ for your Plastic Surgery Practice [A Primer]

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March 19, 2020. 

That was Day #1 for me. Working from home due to COVID-19.

10 weeks later,  it’s clear now that there’s a ‘new normal’ and it’s going to stay this way for awhile.

It’s a new ‘new digital marketing normal’ for every plastic surgery practice in the world. 

Your financial obligations aren’t going away. It’s going to take some time to catch back up, now’s the time to start.

You need to generate revenue.

COVID-19 has caused a major paradigm shift for plastic surgery practices, especially when it comes to their online marketing, and specifically their content. 

But very few practices have recognized it.

Patients have been vetting physicians online for a few years, in all specialties. And yet, there’s still a tremendous opportunity for your practice right now.

The ‘new digital marketing normal’ is how plastic surgeons connect with patients online, the same way they do in-person. 

By pivoting and shifting some of your marketing resources towards online content, you can create a new revenue stream.

Here’s the thing. For many plastic surgeons, once people are in your office, their patient coordinators are terrific at closing. 

The problem is getting patients through the door in the first place.

And it’s a problem that’s similar for most plastic surgery practices. 

The shift and pivot you need to make is not difficult at all. 

You take the experience you offer in-person and replicate it online through your content. That’s it. Yeah, really.

For most practices, there’s a significant disconnect between the patient experience in-person, and the patient experience online.

By leveraging technology, the internet and video, a plastic surgeon can begin to develop deep patient relationships. Real emotional connections that can work for you as long as you’re in practice.

When it comes to COVID-19, a recent blog post from HubSpot suggested that instead of trying to promote your products and services during this time,

“Focus on education, not promotion: Instead of dialing up the promotion of your products and services during a crisis — an approach that may be insensitive to your customer base, focus on nurturing the long-term relationship.”

Emotional connections and empathy separate the plastic surgeons and practices who are doing it right from those that are not.

People, especially women, relate to emotional connection. They have a problem and they’re hoping  you can solve it.

One day I received a call from an acquaintance that asked me to help a plastic surgeon with his digital marketing.

He wasn’t happy and was frustrated with the marketing agency he had hired.

Broken promises, nothing to really show for the investment.

Working with him, he decided to make  ‘the shift’ and began working on replicating his in-person self to his online persona.

Like most plastic surgeons, it was natural to be himself anytime. Even on camera.

When people watched him online and heard his voice, they felt comfortable, and they felt at-ease. 

He was speaking to the person who was watching that video and they knew it.

He delighted his current patients. They loved hearing from him in a new and differentiating way.

And people who had never heard of him began watching his videos over and over. 

He was empathetic to their problems, answering their questions and addressing their concerns. 

HubSpot, in another recent article ‘4 Pivots Companies Are Making in Light of COVID-19 [New Data]’ points out:

“Companies (Practices) are focusing on (creating) great experiences for current customers.”

In time he began to record short, personal 1-on-1 videos that he would send to patients. They were over the moon with it.

People were ready to buy from his online presence alone.

Another revenue stream opened-up for him and his practice.

There were people who had never met him that scheduled consults. They knew they wanted to hire him.

His consults were no longer about the sale, they became about the procedure the patient chose.

Our New Normal is here, embrace it and it can open another revenue stream for your practice. One that you control with your awesome content.

It’s a revenue stream that will continue to work for years to come.

As Ajay Prasad of GMR Webteam pointed out in a recent blog post:

“Digital marketing, done right, will always generate the highest return on your marketing dollars in the long run.“

If the problem for your practice is getting patients into your office I can help. And patients that pre-qualify themselves. Emotional connections between doctor and patient will do that.

Let’s just talk. I’d enjoy learning  more about you and your practice. 

mark@marktennant.net or 440-361-9914.

Mark Tennant

I help plastic surgeons make more money by emotionally connecting with people online the same way they do in-person. I accomplish this by teaching practices how to effectively connect with patients successfully through various online platforms and methods. Contact me today.

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