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Make no mistake, Digital and Content Marketing are in your future

I wrote in my last blog, as a plastic surgery resident, digital and content marketing are in your future, make no mistake.
Whether you do something with that or not, is up to you. However if you choose not to go down that road, then what?

How are people going to get to know you? How will they find you? How will they ever get to know, like and trust you?

How will you know what people are saying about you, your brand or your work?

The undeniable truth is people will be talking about you online; to family, to friends, to strangers, why not have some control over that conversation?

I talked about content marketing in my last blog post, now, let’s define it.

content marketing description - Content Marketing Institute

You create content that adds value, answers questions and solves problems. Content creation is ongoing and unlike a typical advertising campaign, content marketing never ends.

It’s another form of marketing, and one that I firmly believe in.

Why? Because the internet gives anyone the ability to become a publisher of content, of practically any type of media, creating valuable assets that you own and control, no one else.

Why Now?

As a plastic surgery resident you’ve been in ‘learning’ mode for approximately the past 7-8 years, give or take; that’s why now is the best time to start learning digital and content marketing and start developing an online reputation.

Think about what you’ll be bringing to the table if you wind up joining an existing practice, a hospital affiliation or a practice of your own. With digital marketing knowledge that you learn and get better at while in residency, you’re bringing something huge to the table.

An entrepreneurial spirit and the ability to attract patients.


Time. Finding the time is key.

I can hear you now, “No way do I have time to do that.” Find time.

Look, you and I don’t have the same occupation but I can say in all certainty, my time is as precious as yours is.

One of the ways I find time to blog, work on my web site, work for my clients, work my regular 40 hour a week gig (at a medical school), all the while trying to grow my business, I time stitch.

Time Stitching

I wish I could take credit for the idea but that goes to Chris Brogan CEO of Owner Media Group.

The idea comes from quilting and how a quilt is made.

A quilt? Yep, that oversized and warm ‘blanky’ your Grandmother makes by stitching together pieces of unusable material by itself, one by one, into a big and colorful gussied-up comforter.

Two quilts of ours….

You need to do that with your time. You need to stitch together time, in small pieces, for your digital and content marketing.

Between patient rounds, surgery, working in the ER, clinical research and on and on, whenever you have a few minutes, use it to time stitch some content ideas.

Do this now. Take out your phone, go to the voice memo app, start recording your thoughts every day, and save these ‘time stitches’ as separate files for downloading later.

For example, let’s say you just finished up with a patient and he/she asks you a question about recovery, or the procedure they received, and you’ve heard that question many times before. What do you do?

You take out your phone, fire up the voice memo app and record the question you just answered and other thoughts. That could be start of a fantastic 300, 400 or 500 word blog post.

It’s the type of post that could add tons of value for others scouring the internet for an answer to that very same question.


Another idea that could work very well is collaborating with a fellow resident on your digital and content marketing.

Like you, he/she will need to get started, and collaborating on ideas, thoughts and writings is a fantastic way to work. It’s the ‘two heads are better than one’ scenario at it’s finest.

If your fellow resident has the same specialty, think of the different angles and ways you could approach a particular topic or subject around your specialty.

Conversely, if your colleague’s specialty is something different, think of the subject matter you could both cover. In a short time, 6 months to a year, your content assets would rival even the most seasoned plastic surgeon’s content.


Do you consider digital and content marketing important in establishing your online reputation?

I want to know. What concerns, worries or questions do you have with being an entrepreneur and a physician?

Leave your comments below. I would enjoy reading them and if I can help, I will.

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  1. Start a notebook and think about who you’ll be creating content for. Based on your specialty who is your audience? Think about it because these will be the same people looking for you online.
  2. A content marketing mission statement is the who, what, when, and value you’ll bring with your content. It has to be unique and align with your business goals. It will ultimately drive business, i.e. patients and clients, to you.

For example, my content marketing mission statement is:

“To be the leader in plastic surgery digital marketing for office managers and patient coordinators who are struggling to grow a practice and attract new business while retaining clients with content that answers questions, solves problems and adds value to the patient/client experience.”


Write your content marketing mission statement. Keep it close by and read it every day. If you collaborate with another resident, write it together. This living, breathing document will change over time.

Again, please leave me a comment below, thumbs up or down and by all means, subscribe.

Talk with you in a couple of weeks!

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