The Top Plastic Surgery Marketing Idea to Grow Your Practice

Time Is Not on Your Side – Let’s Fix That to Grow Your Practice

Let’s Face It….

Time is the one asset that’s in short supply at your plastic surgery practice. Am I right?

Of course, there are good days, and there are bad days.

There’re surgeon(s), who’re extremely busy…..

Patient Coordinators, who’re constantly chasing time every day; contacting patients, emailing prospects, returning phone calls, making phone calls. and of course answering patient’s questions. 

And let’s not forget, scheduling surgeries.

Estheticians, Nurses, the front of the house, your entire staff, and for everyone, time is in short supply.

But it doesn’t have to be that way for your plastic surgery practice. 

Let’s talk about how you can fix that.

In this article, I’d like to introduce to you a sales and marketing philosophy that’s smarter, where everyone in the practice will get a time rebate every day, and you’ll have patients wanting to hire your practice before you ever meet.

Did I mention increased revenue is in there too?

Patients Who’ll Want to Hire You Before You Ever Meet.

Pretty Bold Statement Isn’t It?

It’s true……I’ve seen it happen, time and time again.

But, let me first say, one of the best parts about this new sales and marketing philosophy is, everyone at the practice will receive a rebate on time.

It means, at first your rebate on time will start slow, then you’ll start regaining minutes back into your typical work day.

Then over a period of weeks, those minutes will turn into hours.

And so on, and so on.

So everyone in the practice will receive an actual Rebate on Time.


Transforming Your Practice with ‘They Ask, You Answer’

It’s a tried and true method of being there for patients, every minute of every day, even when you’re not in the office.

This shift, in your sales and marketing philosophy can be summed up in 4 words: ‘They Ask, You Answer’

In this 8-9 part video series, I’ll guide you and your practice through the process of ‘They Ask, You Answer’ that will shorten your sales process while increasing revenue.

So what is, They Ask, You Answer?

It’s a business concept and philosophy developed by my friend, Marcus Sheridan.

Marcus Sheridan - Author, Speaker, former 'Pool Guy' - They Ask You Answer Founder.

As Marcus puts in it his book, ‘You Ask, They Answer’, it starts with an obsession of asking yourself, ‘what are my customers (patients) thinking?’

They Ask, You Answer – The Book

They Ask, You Answer Website:

Start Reading here—>

‘They Ask, You Answer’ all starts from the perspective of what you do best as a plastic surgery practice, everyday. And that’s to educate and teach your patients.

Everyone at your practice is a teacher of knowledge because they answer questions, and most times, the same questions, everyday. Dozens of times a year.

The only difference now is, you’re going to be answering these questions through a series of videos & articles as part of your online sales process and on your website.

They Ask, You Answer is the key to getting back more time everyday, every month, year after year, while increasing revenue and shortening your sales process.

‘They Ask, You Answer’ was developed based on how people research products, services and yes, even doctors, and plastic surgeons online.

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Making the top marketing idea work for your Plastic Surgery Practice

In order to make ‘They Ask, You Answer’ work, you have to acknowledge and understand that the way people shop for services and products has shifted and changed dramatically.

Especially when it comes to elective surgery. People care about their well-being. 

They want someone to be there, 24x7x365 to answer their questions, provide solutions and alternatives for their needs, problems, desires, and wishes.

Are you ready to learn more and even embrace, ‘They Ask, You Answer?’ 

With this concept you’ll start to become an industry leader, and the go-to plastic surgery practice in your region and area. 

You’re playing the long game, but it won’t take long for your practice to stand out and be differentiating.

Imagine This…..

What if….a patient comes into the office for their consultation and they already know the answers to the all too common questions you get during a normal consultation?

This way, you can take the time during the consultation, to address that patient’s specific needs and questions. 

This will, in most cases, not only shorten the time it takes for you to do a consult, but it will also shorten the sales process. 

Why trust is key with the Top Marketing Idea for Plastic Surgery practices

Because they already trust you. They’ve emotionally connected with your practice, in many cases, before they set foot in your office. 

But remember, they’ve already been to your office, online, and they feel they know the plastic surgeon and the staff.

And during this process, patients are also pre-qualifying themselves.

All because you took the time to answer their questions and concerns, thereby establishing trust prior to ever meeting that person, and soon to be patient.

It’s fascinating and it is magical.

Continuing with Plastic Surgery Video Marketing

Mandy McEwen - Founder, Mod Girl Marketing - On why video content is a key ingrediant to The Top Plastic Surgery Marketing Idea to Grow Your Practice

Great quote from my friend Mandy McEwen, and one that is essential to making ‘They Ask, You Answer’ be the top marketing idea work for your cosmetic surgery practice.

As this series of videos continue, I’m going to go deeper into the ‘They Ask, You Answer’ concept, and how it will exactly work for your plastic surgery practice. 

It will transform the way you do business, save you time, shorten your sales process and generate more revenue.

Sound good? If so, I’ve got an idea. 

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Mark Tennant

I help plastic surgeons make more money by emotionally connecting with people online the same way they do in-person. I accomplish this by teaching practices how to effectively connect with patients successfully through various online platforms and methods. Contact me today.

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