Why I Chose to Help Plastic Surgery Practices....

Helping plastic surgery practices get back time, reshape the patient buying process, and earn more revenue.

It's inherent that we all want to help and serve others in some way. It's nature, plain and simple.

Deciding how we can best serve is tied strongly to one's occupation.

For me, being a radio disc jockey and playing music to listeners some 30 years ago, was my way of serving.

It wasn't a 'real job'.

Sure I got paid, but not much, yet it was rewarding and satisfying. I was having fun and bringing smiles, joy, and boatloads of memories to the people who listened to my radio show every day.

We also educated, albeit from an entertainment perspective while sharing stories that were relatable to many in our audience.

Nothing heavy in terms of subject matter, but often people would call just to say 'thank you' for being there and part of their daily lives.

That's a job we all want to have. I was very lucky.

Although it's been some years since radio was part of my life, I still serve.

Now it's clinical researchers, healthcare professionals, and plastic surgeons.

At first, these two careers seemed unrelated.

Then one day an acquaintance asked, “Do you think you could help this plastic surgeon I know? His online marketing is a disaster.” He was having big problems with his sales and marketing.

The surgeon had used several online marketing agencies and consultants that were all about throwing up posts on social media and counting clicks that did nothing to grow his practice.

Their sales and marketing did not increase revenue

He spent a lot of money and nothing had noticeably changed.

Sadly, it was a very transactional strategy.

He still had patients, and new patients came to him mainly from referrals, but not from the efforts of those agencies and consultants.

So we agreed to meet, and when we did, the first thing he said to me was "Great, now I have to teach you plastic surgery."

Clearly, he wasn't thrilled about 'starting over' or meeting with another sales and marketing guy.

He was pissed, frustrated, and not excited at all.

Essentially the approach these agencies and consultants were using did not create trust and that's fatal to a plastic surgery practice.

With elective plastic surgery, trust is all that matters, because patients can go elsewhere.

A few months after that first meeting, it came to me that this doctor, this plastic surgeon, who loves serving his patients, could do it all of the time. 24 hours every day, 365 days a year, even when he was not in the office.

Moreover, his bedside manner, if you will, was something he truly relished and enjoyed as part of his daily job. He was always looking to do more for his patients.

I'm sure you feel the same way.

For me, that's when the 'light' came on.

How best could this plastic surgeon serve his patients non-stop?

How best could he emotionally connect with someone and gain their trust in those who were seeking help?

The answer was clear, through education, answering questions, using stories, and yes, even be entertaining, it was a new way for him to reach and connect with patients.

We were already producing videos for the practice, which was new for him.

Patients began watching these videos on his social media channels, and they were getting a real sense of who this doctor was as a professional and a person.

So we went to work. Using a different video sales and marketing approach we integrated our knowledge of how to create emotional connection, using video and coupling that with the plastic surgeon's personality.

The result was an online sales and marketing approach for plastic surgeons that no one else is using.

Once he and the staff started educating and incorporating stories about other patients who experienced a lot of the same problems, challenges, as others, things began to take off almost immediately.

One memory I have is going into the office one afternoon and I literally ran into his Patient Coordinator, I'll call her JM, who was getting ready for her 3rd or 4th consult of the day.

I asked, "how's it going?" She couldn't even stop to talk, but as she headed down the hallway she said "it's blowing up"; blowing up in a good way.

This approach worked. The surgeon’s practice went from a revenue incinerator to a revenue generator. Patients wanted to hire him before they even met him.

He had to bring in a second patient coordinator to handle the volume.

Many people loved him before they ever met, so guess who they hired to do their procedure(s)?

Consultations got shorter and more productive, and revenue was increasing month after month.

And best of all, he was serving people every second of every day. In the office and online.

So what about you and your plastic surgery practice?

You can do the exact same thing as this surgeon, I know you can.

Why? Because you do it every day when you're in the office.

It will give back time to you and your patient coordinators, shorten your sales process, your consultations will be more productive, and you will generate more revenue for your practice.

This approach I created isn’t just effective. It’s also highly replicable, and no one else is using it.

If you want to discuss my approach and a more effective way of attracting patients, let’s talk.

Let's have a conversation. And let's talk about you and your practice's needs and goals.